As the year 2018 was launched a few weeks ago, we thought to browse the web to discover what are the new trends in interior design. Our goal: be aware of the latest trends and innovate to meet the desires and needs of our customers!

Quickly, we found that glass is, and remains, a key building material in architecture. Why? It lets the natural light through, it keeps its appearance and integrity over time (it does not turn yellow), its maintenance is easy, it is 100% recyclable, it helps to create a feeling of well-being in a room, it is available in several finishes, colors and patterns and so much more!

We also find that aluminum, whether for outdoor shelters or storage furniture or cabinet doors and sliding doors, is always trendy. It is also increasingly appreciated by designers and customers who like industrial, modern or contemporary style. Other popular features of aluminum are its durability and adaptability. Also, aluminum goes with other materials like wood, concrete, glass and composite.

In short, we can say that 2018 trends are more than propitious for the products we develop!

But that’s not all, our research has allowed us to find that one of the trends that are gaining popularity right now, and probably over the next few years, is the glass and aluminum partition.


Mainly, a partition serves to enhance spaces: sometimes to separate, sometimes to collect two pieces of life. As you can see through the photos, the doors, windows and interior glass partitions with black aluminium structure bring an industrial delicacy of the past century. Interestingly, it was the urban mills of the 20th century that first adopted the aesthetics of glass and steel partitions! Today, they are used more in contemporary homes to get closer to nature and optimize brightness. Another fine example that emphasizes the noble and accurate notes of aluminum and glass!

Now that we’ve made some of the praises of glass partitions, would you like to install them in your home? Well, we have the solution for you! The V30 canopy has been added to the Kadrium Design collection!

You want to learn more about this product, or order it? Contact us now and our team will assist you in the process of designing, manufacturing and installing your brand new glass and aluminum partition!

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