Aluminum Sliding Doors & Room Dividers

Inspired by European trends and ideal for creating an elegant and unique space to suit your image, our customized suspended sliding doors are made in Quebec from aluminum, glass and a pivot. The pivot, fixed on the floor, stabilizes the doors therefore eliminating the need of a bottom track. Combining prestige, durability and flexibility, our high end suspended sliding doors are perfect as wardrobe and cupboard doors, or as room dividers. Moreover, their powerful and unique hardware allows the installation of doors with a height of more than 15 feet.

Dreamed for a functional, chic and contemporary space, our custom¬-made bottom track sliding doors are made from aluminum and glass, as well as a durable, quiet and efficient sliding system. Combining maximum stability and unparalleled prestige, our bottom track sliding doors make great for wardrobe and cupboard doors. Also, doors on a bottom track sliding system are free to move the full length of the track.

Made from high end products, our sliding systems, with their 31 possible dispositions, can cover almost every opening or divide very big spaces. Inserts and dividers can be custom-made, depending on the desired decorative effect. Our large selection of glass and mirror inserts, combined with the use of dividers, provides the designer with a near infinite amount of possibilities that meet the needs and the tastes of the clients. Choose a wide variety of inserts to customize the look of your doors. More than one type of insert (lacquered glass, mirrors, etc.) can be used on any door to create asymmetric and dynamic effects.

Y. Latreille