Generally considered dark and gloomy, black colour has properties that give strength, refinement and prestige to the decor. Black can be noticed by decorative elements like vases, frames and mats, with touches of paint here and there, by furniture, electronics and appliances arranged left to right and by raw materials like stone, glass and aluminum. This dark color is timeless, classic and chic and deserves a place in your home or in the building project in progress.

In a view of continually seeking to innovate, Kadrium Design ™ launched, in first and in exclusivity, in addition to its black matte finish profile, its high end black brushed aluminium profile that perfectly suits the decor of your home.

Black colour on your everyday design
Black brushed aluminium profile can be used as a frame for cabinet doors in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage or in any other room of the house. Black, combined with bright colors of our wide range of glass opaque colors inserts, modernizes your home in no time and creates a graphical environment, according to the colors with which it is associated.


The bright colors like green, pink, red and blue contrast with black and provide brilliance and brightness to this dark color. To add a little pep to your decor, include some accessories that recall the color of your glass insertion. Also, these accessories will give a more graphic and modern appearance to black color. Often used in contrast with white color, black is a classic in decoration. Here is a decorating tip if you want to use black and white in your decor. You have to maintain a striking dominance between these two colors just to be sure that your design doesn’t look like a checkerboard. Also, for a chic romantic wind, dare black on black: a black aluminum frame with matching glass, satin or matt.


If you want to discover our 6 different aluminum profiles, as well as our 35 possible inserts, feel free to contact us!

Black brushed aluminium cabinet doors: a complete harmony with the new collection of household KitchenAid!

Bold and avant-garde, the company Kadrium Design ™ followed suit with KitchenAid to benefit from the elegance of the black stainless steel in the kitchen. Often seen in the kitchens of top chefs, black stainless steel appliances can now be part of your day! The new collection of household black stainless steel of the great American brand KitchenAid will harmonize beautifully with the brushed black aluminum Kadrium Design ™ to create a chic, refined, prestigious and trendy, worthy of the best decorating magazines .

As mentioned Aleksandra Stratton, Senior Director of Marketing for KitchenAid Canada: “Just as the traditional stainless steel, black stainless steel satin luster, but it is characterized by modern elegance and style that stands out. It brings out the nuances in the design as well as household appliances in the kitchen itself. “As for Ian Tardif, Director Operations, Research and Development at Kadrium Design ™, is proud to announce that Kadrium Design ™ outperformed the market from its competitors by launching its first large black brushed aluminum that combines besides perfectly the new trend of black stainless steel appliances: “the black brushed aluminum evokes, in combination with similarly colored appliances, professional kitchens. Now, small or large heads, experienced or become, can benefit from a kitchen dreamed design, avant-garde and modern. Another fine example of innovation for Kadrium Design ™! “


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